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3 Reasons Why Watching Anime Can Make You A Better Person

So I’ve been really into anime lately. If you don’t know what anime is, it’s a a form of animation that originated in Japan that is very popular around the world now. Just like different television shows, anime has many different genres, ranging from action, drams and even romance. It’s something that adults and kids can enjoy depending on the show.
Just about every break I take from work  involves me watching at least 25 minutes of anime.
Since watching anime I have realized some incredible changes taking place in my mind, body and heart.
I wanted to share these changes with you and ultimately say that watching anime, no matter what age you are, can make you a better person.

Here's my Youtube Video on this:

1.Watching anime helps you to freaking relax

Since watching anime, there has been more joy and relaxation in my life. When I am watching an episode, I am REALLY into the episode. Having my mind taken into the show really helps me to relax because my mind isn’t focused on work, what I should be doing, or what is lacking. I can fully engage with what is happening in the show and  this bring peace to my everyday life.

I can laugh, connect with the characters and really feel like a kid again. I mean think back to the last time you’ve watched a cartoon and actually enjoyed watching it? Sometimes we get caught up in adulthood, which can cause stress, anxiety and worry, that we forget that we were once children with less worries. When we were kids we were our real, truthful authentic selves and we watched cartoons. I think with anime we can connect to the child within us again.

2. Anime WILL bring up old shit

My genres of anime that I usually watch are slice of life, romance and shoji which are geared towards young women. I like these anime because they are the one’s I can relate the most, plus I love a romantic story anytime. 
From watching these genres , I have noticed that some of them have really brought up some shit I thought I let go. An example, would be relating to the main character as she jumps from relation to relationship and the mistakes she makes in between. Watching this made me cry. I really felt what it was she was going through and it helped to release some of the baggage I didn’t  even know I was holding onto regarding my past relationships.
This I enjoyed because I know crying is a big way to release.

3.Anime teaches you how to be a better human

I can guarantee that when you watch anime you will see that the episodes include scenes that make you want to be a better human. The stories speak about your character as a human, touching on topics such as morality, forgiveness, compassion and friendship. When watching, I am thinking “wow, I could really be doing this better.” It helps me to navigate through my life a little more easier, knowing that I do want to continue to be a person of good character.
In our everyday lives we may forget what makes us human and anime touches on these points in a way that will make your heart feel it. You will start looking into your own life and see the ways you could be bettering your own character.

My Top 3 Anime To Watch:

Nana- you must watch this at all cost. It has been soo far my favorite anime.
Skip Beat- loved this one and it’s quite funny. If you are looking for a laugh watch this one.
Gundam- action, romance and science, this one has it all.

Do you watch anime? If so which ones would you recommend?

Author: Vanessa White aka @OlanikeeOsi aka Self-Love Empowerment Manifestor aka Head #SelfishBabe
Vanessa is the CEO & Founder of Goddess Detox, author and self-love influencer.She likes to call herself a self-love manifestor, teaching women around the world manifest self-love in their everyday lives. She wants women to selfishly and authentically love themselves. If you are just now starting your self-love journey, check out her 5 Step Self-Love Ritual E-Guide here. You can follow her on Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat @OlanikeeOsi. Check out her latest book "The Power of Looking at Your Yoni" here.


  • I haven’t watched Anime before but I will now. Thanks for sharing this with us. I appreciate you.

    Sonia Wilder
  • Thanks for sharing! I’m going to be open minded and try this. My first boyfriend use to watch Dragon ball z and I had no choice at the time and I remember enjoying it for a while. But you are an amazing and awesome person. Thank you for your time and breath of life you speak into us. Blessings always your way ❤

  • Yes, I do watch anime. I haven’t watched any of these yet but will put them on my list to watch. My shows I loved tokyo ghoul, sword art online, and full metal alchemist. Right now I’m currently watching durarara, and my hero academia.

  • Good evening, I have thought about watching anime. I just hadn’t had the opportunity to find a good series to start. Thank you for sharing! ?


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