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Speaking Your Truth + How To Do So

When you sit back and think about it, have you ever thought about what speaking your truth looks like to you?

For some it can mean wearing their hair pink, saying what it  is on their mind at the moment or even choosing to listen to a certain style of music.

Speaking something does not always have to be in the literal sense. As humans we communicate nonverbally as well.

When I think about speaking my own truth I think about being my true authentic self,  my  RAW self, and the one I want everyone to know and understand. The one that I may the  hide from the world. I believe in order to start living and experiencing life, there came a time where hiding my true authentic self had to stop. I needed to be the real me and I wanted people to know the real me, the one quirky girl who likes alternative rock as equally as dancehall and jazz. I find that many people struggle with this, only showing a part of themselves  to the world and hiding the rest.

I think we should stop this.

We all have so many different forms of beauty inside of us that need to be unleashed. I believe that when you speak your truth you are showing yourself one of the greatest acts of love you can. Allowing yourself to be in your truest form, your most perfect form.

If you decide to be yourself and people around you start leaving or acting funny just know they were only meant to be in your life for that time and that other people will come along to accept you as you.

It’s time to start living for you and not for others. I know it may seem overwhelming but try taking it step by step.

Ways To Start Speaking Your Truth

You can start with saying what’s really on your mind and not what everyone expects you to say.

You can start listening to the music you really like even when your friends are around.

You can wear that outfit you want to rock but afraid of what others may think.

You can express to your family your own religious and political views instead of what you may have grown up with.

Taking it step by step in this fashion makes it seem less difficult and daunting.

How do you speak your truth? What ways is this expressed?  What's stopping you from speaking your truth?

Comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ , I wanna know.

Author: Vanessa White aka @OlanikeeOsi aka Self-Love Empowerment Manifestor aka Head #SelfishBabe

Vanessa is the CEO & Founder of Goddess Detox,Selfish Babe Academy, author and self-love influencer.She likes to call herself a self-love manifestor, teaching women around the world manifest self-love in their everyday lives. She wants women to selfishly and authentically love themselves. If you are just now starting your self-love journey, check out her 5 Step Self-Love Ritual E-Guide here. You can follow her on Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat @OlanikeeOsi. Check out her latest book "The Power of Looking at Your Yoni" here.


  • They way I speak my truth is by saying what’s on my mind . I don’t it at all times but maybe if I did would be a lot happier going to try the other tips to truely embrace the SELFISH babe experience . Love this Vanessa ❤️

    Jessica St Louis
  • Hey @Deanna, cool I see thank you for sharing. One step at a time. Maybe one image statement piece until one day your in your full outfit showing the world lol.
    @Tasha my suggestion would be to just do it lol, start being more selfish with yourself and say whats on your mind.
    @Schaneltta I’d like some more elaboration on what you mean by not anything you do or say is okay.

    Thank you ladies for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it <3

  • I speak my truth everyday to others and to myself in the mirror. Yet nothing I do or say is ok, when I am only speaking of the truth or how i feel. I’ve been doing this since elementary school even though it may be hard to believe.

    Schaneltta Haney
  • Hey,hey hey, I like the article. I really don’t speak the truth all the time and I notice when I don’t it hurt. I take other people felling inconsiderate before mine. I’m not a people person.
    So any ideas?

  • This was very beautiful and so well put. one thing that I do have to say I love about myself is i do put it all out there I’m a very upfront person and I say what’s on my mind and say how I feel but I need to not fear on my appearance-wise of what people feel or think about me when it comes to my personality and my mind I don’t care but on the outside I wish I had that same independent courage of being authentically myself with my image as I am with my personality.


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