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Why #SelfishBabes Are Obsessed With Their Vagina’s

#SelfishBabes are obsessed with their vagina’s.


Because they truly understand what it means to have a connection with their divine energy source.  Knowing this is one of the best ways to practice self-love because when you know this, you act according to this knowledge. One is more confident and understands their worth on a deeper level then another woman who doesn't know this .When most women think vagina, they think only of the physical and what can be done with a vagina, but not the energetic and spiritual aspect that comes along with being born with a vagina. 

When one is born a woman, one typically has a vagina and a uterus area. These both are known as one’s yoni and one’s womb area. The womb area is used to carry a child for 9 months, providing the unborn child nutrients and support. This is primarily the physical aspect. 

The spiritual aspect is that if you are a woman you not only can bear children but you can bear your ideas. You have a very strong creative force energy, where you can conjure and create aka manifest aka bring into reality, literally whatever it is you want. Of course this requires a MAJOR mindset shift that takes practice, but THE MAJOR mindset shift I want you to have, is that having a vagina is a major deal. 

Your vagina has been everything you have been through. So often we put on a pad, stick up a tampon, have a gynecologist get all up and personal with us and even sleep with people we know aren’t bringing any benefit to our life. These actions continue to deepen the disconnect we already have with our vagina’s.

Once you connect with HER aka your vagina you will feel:

  • more confident

  • sexier,

  • raise your self-worth,

  • stop sleeping with those who aren’t serving you

  • and really tap into your creative juices to start manifesting a life you really desire to have. 

My number 1 tip into getting connected with your vagina, is to start speaking to her through yoni affirmations aka vagina affirmations.

Your vagina is listening so don’t you be shy about it. Speak to her and watch a change happen.

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Watch me say my yoni affirmations below

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When was the last time you looked at your vagina? Comment below

Author: Vanessa White aka @OlanikeeOsi aka Self-Love Empowerment Manifestor 

Vanessa is the CEO & Founder of #SelfishBabe, Goddess Detox ,author and self-love influencer.She likes to call herself a self-love manifestor, teaching women around the world how to selfishly and authentically love themselves and hold themselves accountable for the change and creation ion their lives. If you are just now starting your self-love journey, check out her 5 Step Self-Love Ritual E-Guide here. You can follow her on Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat @OlanikeeOsi. Check out her latest book "The Power of Looking at Your Yoni" here.

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